Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Latest Technologies

We extensively use the latest software development tools and technologies to deliver high quality, cost-effective and reliable software applications to our customers. We provide a full spectrum of offshore software development products and services that are tailored for your unique business needs. We strive to be instrumental in strengthening your business through rich technology competencies, domain expertise and passion for quality of our software professionals.

Bridging the Gap Between Your Business and Technology

 We have a team of expert software developers who use process-driven development methods and specialised tools to incorporate the latest technologies in  the software and make it useful for your business. We integrate our expertise with the clients’ specifications to create a technologically-sound solution.

Some of the technologies we regularly pull from our toolbox include:

  Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET)

 database expertise like Oracle,SQL Server.

 Web technologies like PHP,Ajax.

 With these technologies, we can produce desktop software and web-based applications to support your business processes. So, if you need a software solution, but simply can't find the right one off the shelf, give us a call and we'll design a custom software solution to meet your needs.