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Hosting and Domain

We provide outstanding, reliable and cutting edge website hosting and domain registration services combined with exceptional customer service. Our aim is to fully power the needs of businesses, young entrepreneurs and personal users without the inconvenience of security and high costs, so that you can broaden your customer reach and achieve your own particular goals.

Domain registration

 Your domain name can be registered, hosted and your email set up fast. So you can be
    ready to share your ideas with the world sooner.

Domain Sales

 domain sales service enable you to list your domain name to the market place.

Windows Hosting

 All our windows hosting packages support all the popular windows-specific web development
    technologies, empowering you to create your website or web application in the language of
    your choice.

Linux Hosting

 With this hosting type you are able to get a portion of a dedicated server for your website to
    run on and are able to easily upgrade your plan as your web hosting needs increase.

Application Hosting

 Developed an application which demand specific environmental like TomCat Hosting or have
    huge amount of file to store, Then you should look into our Application hosting services.

Indian Server Hosting

 We managed hosting services for Indian companies that want to do business in India.

Cloud Hosting

 Cloud hosting is a group of Multiple servers which are connected together over a private
    gigabit network, and a grid operating system is installed on each of them which essentially
    binds them together.

SSL Certificates

 SSL plays a very significant part inside the sites with Member Areas or Management panels
    with the Domain and hosting prospects.