Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


Internal Quality Assurance System

IQA software is to test the inward material with all the details specification mention for particular part according to standards accordingly maintain the track record of vendors, Parts and so on.

Features :

 Tracking the process capability of Vendors according to response time.

 Tracking of process capability of IQA according to response time for internal compliant.

 Uploading facility of parts data in master.

 Auto mail sending utility to vendors and various departments.

 Strong authentication and validation on each entry forms.

 Various graphs for better understandability of data.

 Various reports as

  IQA report.

  Vendor quality rating report.

  Vendor history report.

  Part history report.

  VCAR graph.

  Internal complaint graph.

  Pending VCAR report.

  RoHS summary report.