Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


Product Traceability System (PTS)

Product Traceability System (PTS) is used for tracking of each process from PO generation to final product packing and to generate entire tracking report

Features :

 Software is useful for various types of products.

 Maintains all product parameters.

 Generates Unique PO against product.

 Auto generates unique no for output products generated after each process.

 Generates barcode labels after each process completion, which is useful for identifying and
    accessing previous process output information.

 Validations are given for every process so that processes will be executed according to
    defined flow.

 Products can be divided into various types; Process flow can vary according to product type.

 Communicates with various machine hardware.

 Compatible with other systems i.e. captures required data from other software(SAP).

 Gives testing results for generated products.

 Automatically generates current Date and shift during process.

 Various Login Controls for security console.

 Various reports as

  Various labels can be reprinted.

  Report against given PO number.

  Reports for every individual process.

  Shift wise production report.

  Daily production report.

  Machine wise production report.

  Graphical reports.

  Final Product Labels.

  Entire product tracking report including summery of each process.