Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


Library Software

Library Software is used for maintaining books data, storing book or magazine transaction record and to generate member ID card

Features :

 Software is useful for both school library and social library.

 Maintains book data along with book details such as publication, author, book size etc.

 Books can be divided into various book type and sub types and/or into various departments.

 Maintains member information, members can be divided into various categories.

 Generates unique ID card for each member.

 Barcodes can be generated for each book for fast data access.

 Easy and fast entry for book issue and book return.

 Many facilities such as new book request, book reservation can be provided to members.

 Book can be searched easily by title, author, publication or by many other aspects.

 Accounting data can be maintained along with journal voucher, cash voucher and cash receipt.

 Apart from books, magazine and newspaper information can be maintained.

 Software language can be changed to Marathi, Hindi or Urdu.

 Various reports as

  Book list according to title or author, publication or many other aspects.

  Status reports such as Library status, stock status, purchase list etc.

  Journal Reports such as due for renewal, monthly arrived newspaper, renewal date.

  No. of copies according to author, publication.

  Circulation reports such as Issue list, due list, not return till date.

  And many more.